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Forged in the fires of a thousand Texas summers (give or take), I spent my formative years drawing pictures of horrifying monsters and space marines fighting on distant worlds. After years of directing home movies, playing countless videogames, and poking around different artistic disciplines I wanted to dedicate my life to making fantasy into flesh.


After 5 years in Digipen Institute of Technology's BFA program I've found a calling in digital sculpting and 3D modeling, with characters as my focus. I am intensely passionate about design, silhouette, form, anatomy, and personality and am well versed in many different disciplines both traditional and digital. Having worked on several student projects I am always ready to learn more to better myself as an artist and I am confident in my ability to take a piece from concept to final shipped product.


I have since escaped the Texas heat in favor of the moody drizzle of Seattle, WA and am currently seeking a job or internship as a 3D artist. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you like what you see!

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